Mai 27, 2016


It’s all about good communication

Five by five is a phrase used in radio communication to mean „I understand you perfectly“.

5by5.kitchen is a new private cooking, pitching and networking concept, that bring together 5 start-ups and 5 investors, initiated by Tristan Reckhaus. It’s not about making money, but finding an investor or the next investment opportunity.
Participation is on application only.

That’s how it works:

1.    5 startups (2 persons max) and 5 Investors will meet in a nice and professional kitchen, build teams, cook a 5 courses menu, enjoy food and drinks, network, have fun and have the chance to find the next business partner.
2.    Before cooking starts, all startups present their business in a 5 minutes pitch to not more than 20 People.
3.    No Mic. No Slides. No Handouts. No Buzzwords!
4.    During the cooking sessions, startups and investors get to know each other in an informal atmosphere and learn not only more about the business, but the personality of their cooking mates. Watch out for the knifes!
5.    When food is ready to serve, it’s time to have dinner. After every course, investors circulate around the tables to make sure everyone met each other.
6.    One Special guests, such as a press analyst and one corporate representative will also be accepted.

No worries, a real chef will supervise and make sure food is eatable.

5by5.kitchen events will take place in bigger startup hotspots in germany. Other european cities will follow, if concept is well accepted and every participant find it useful and fun.
Any questions? Drop me an email on info@5by5.kitchen

The small print

All provided company presentations will be handled as confidential, only be used for this purpose and not shared with non-involved investors, without your explicit, written confirmation.
Any travel or accomodation costs need to be covered individually.
No refund, if participation is cancelled later than 14 days before the event.